The Cleanse

Water will cleanse itself

Air shall clear out the debris

Fire will destroy the destructors

Earth will shake, spin, and retrograde


I’m Done! But I didn’t Know We Existed

Those last two words

I’m Done

Well I’m glad because you showed me who I was and I showed you who you were

All of the say-so

You were wiser

I am only good for allowing you to talk me all the way down, pick me back up, and talk down on me again

See I always get what I want

And you saying your done

Was because I was done

Who I turned out to be when ever you called

Is what you were always to me whenever you came around

My energy is fading

All I want is the rain

Yet you tell me, Californians love the light, so your going to stay shining

Yeah! See I’ve been good for a very long time to see if it was me that was a heart breaker

With deep meditation sessions

Yoga, Working out, accomplishing goals, loving to a point of no return

I’m Done…

I refuse to allow my energy to drain for you any longer

I have seen what you are, and I now know what it is you want

I am over…

It is now the other side of the sun and it will shine until it burns out and watch as you fade away into the darkness

The lover my moon, how I wish I were you so cold, and single at night as you sit and hover with the dead stars that shine so faintly with all of the city lights

I wish you to keep the earth afloat

Because I can no longer get close


The Sun

Hello 2014

So now that the year is over its time that we readjust  and face what has taken place. I am proud of you human beings for managing the needs to keep me around. I now understand that  you understand we all need each other on this planet. The war in Syria Yes! that shook some up a bit too much, but hey someone had to wake up.

In other news. The future continues to be bright. I can’t wait to see what the world would be like if women ruled it especially since they believe they are the key essentials to an existing planet.

And Then I Died

Healthy Fit Lifestyle Will Get You Through It All

Krystle Mitchell



I’ve been doing hardcore workouts for the past three days. I was chasing after my calling, but I didn’t know what it was until I called a dear friend of mine that is rising in the field I wanted to grow in, but continuously put on hold. 

A couple of text messages sent, workout, meeting, plea, signed up, and now I’m on my path of becoming a Nutrition Journalist. Inviting people to workouts and showing them how this is more than just health. It is a lifestyle and the change that the world needs, financially, environmentally, physically, is beginning now. 

Great people, extreme workouts, and rebirthing into the new world of peace, unconditional love on earth. 

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A picture of myself

A picture of myself

On this earth, planet, or world; in this life, dream, present, universe, it’s all a creation.

Since the core starts with a beginning many will believe there is an end. Although many things, beings, species, seem to be the same everything is different.

From the beginning of time everything new has been created not from imitation, but from an idea, or a mistake. These ideas and mistakes are what keeps us living for tomorrow. One must look at self and see where the beginning starts.

Now many may ask who is self? Where is self? Am I self? Or some may look in the mirror and believe that what they see is self when they look into their own eyes. Many don’t realize that we actually don’t know what we really look like. We have created this image of how we look by what people say, how we think we look by the way our mother and father look, and scarily by how the world wants us to look.

One must understand that self is beyond everything that we believe. With all the yoga practicing, deep soul searching, love falling, etc. A living human being on this planet at least not in this day of age can face self. As much as we would like to, if we really seen who self was we wouldn’t be terrified, but a little starstruck, and its fine because that day will come sooner than expected, and there won’t be anything we as humans can do about it.

With the many words in all of the languages a being can not describe self as one because the world has found multiple ways to fill our brains with ideas of what and who self is.

Self is deep inside of you calling for attention. When one is on the hunt to find self. Self begins to fight everything that has blinded the human eye to believe who it is and proves all titles, judgements, and visions wrong. Self is its own identity

Diary Of Mother Earth


Enchanted-mother-earth-3_1024I’ve been used, tampered, dug up, abused, burned and washed away. After 4.54 billion years according to humans I’m slowly running out of time and energy. The animals are aware, and at night in the middle of forest, cities and jungles I listen to them cry out for just one more night, day, second, minute, awake, and sleep.

While humans are continuously draining my blood, evolving my farts and shits. I reside in the middle of it and plead for help. I enjoy the many creations beings have come up with, and ways they found to use my beautiful trees for shelter, and a place to meditate.

I would like to give thanks to the organizations that band plastic because I felt certain parts of me suffocating, and that was causing me to fight back. I wasn’t sure if I would’ve been able to keep the fire down, and the dirty water from contaminating areas separated from you to heal myself from time to time.

Another couple of billion years we will survive, now that you humans have found a way to reserve energy, keep water clean, and using less of my blood. I now am able to rest a bit and get moving again.

There will be a new evolving soon, and I don’t want any of you to be afraid. Yes your faces may change, and you might think/see things from a different point of view, but it will all be for a great cause. I must change soon because the universe has shifted. The sun, other elements, and I are trying our best to keep us from being swallowed in a black hole, but the way things are looking out there I’m hoping we go through the golden one instead.

Temperatures will rise and fall. Then a sudden balance will take place, but there will be no need to worry about the perfectionism that we will face because it’s only helping you humans get into a state of peacefulness. It will eliminate your need to crave resources that keep us going. Think of this elimination as a restart. You’ll appreciate smaller things more than items that are created to destroy you. Till next time my beautiful creatures. I’ll keep you posted about more details of this up coming evolution soon. Remember your doing a good job at preserving and readjusting the mistakes you made, so smile more, play and appreciate the smaller things in life because big changes are bound to come.

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